Brave the Shave for Macmillan

Posted: 18th July 2016

Wendy Dyche Photo

By: Wendy Dyche

On Wednesday 17th August 2016, in Uttoxeter, I am taking part in Macmillan Cancer fundraiser Brave the Shave.

Over the years I have lost family and friends to the disease and have some still fighting cancer plus have loads of friends who have lost family members too.

I was considering doing last year and never got round to it, so this year I have taken the plunge and not only signed up but booked a date.

I have had long hair for towards 20 years and normally only have it cut to shoulder length and I will be going down to a size 4 hair cut. So this isn’t a small amount of hair to loose. I’m also hoping to donate my cut off hair to make wigs.

Please all you fantastic ladies can you help me raise a great amount for this cause. Thank you for any help