Want to know what to wear to WOW for your next speaking gig?

Posted: 12th April 2016

Do you give talks as part of your business? Would you like to know what to wear to dress the part?

I’m Hazel, an Image and Style Consultant in Worcestershire and I help business women look their best so they feel more confident.  As  I am sure you know, feeling confident when you are giving talks is absolutely essential as all eyes are on you!! I know this well as I regularly give talks and recently spoke at my first conference for Worcestershire’s Women2Web Programme and have also spoken a few times at my local WIRE meeting.  I was really excited about both opportunities. Not surprisingly one of the things I planned (as well as my talk) was what I should wear. I wanted the audience to take me seriously and also see me as someone like them. I also wanted to be comfortable.

This got me onto a train of thought about what to wear for public speaking and what a speaker would need to consider to dress the part for their speaking gig. This resulted in me writing a ‘What to Wear to WOW for Public Speakingfree mini 7 day email series. This was really fun and a great combination of two things I love – helping women feel confident in what they are wearing and public speaking. The free email series is an email a day for 7 days with tips on ‘What to Wear to Wow’ at your speaking gig and will help you pick an outfit that will;

Make the Impact you want and be taken seriously

Help you connect with your audience

Be comfortable and prepared for your talk

Dress to emphasise your message

To get yours, go to www.nutsaboutstyle.co.uk/what-to-wear-to-wow and complete your details.

I LOVED writing so I hope you enjoy reading it just as much!!