New Rural Life TV Programme

Posted: 12th April 2016

Television production company Pi Productions, a television production company run by John Silver who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef.  Are currently casting for a new prime-time documentary series following six ambitious people who are following their dreams and are uprooting to start a whole new life. Download the flyer HERE

We are looking for families or couples who are planning to ditch the city 9 to 5 to pursue a career in something they are passionate about. It could be running a local village shop, setting up a pig farm, or setting up an equine school. We want to showcase the amazing lifestyle business opportunities out there and show what it takes to make a new venture succeed.

For those of us living in London, and other large UK cities, the pressures of the price of rent is becoming too much to take and of you have kids the cost of childcare is tipping us over the edge.  No wonder so many of us are forced to leave the lives we have known for years and make that move back home to have the support of our families, while we strive for a quality of life we hadn’t even considered possible previously.

With small businesses accounting for 99.3% of all private sector businesses and driving the UK economy we feel it’s the right time to look at what it takes to leave everything you know behind, and start your own business.

  • Where should you move?
  • How do you raise funds?
  • How will your children handle it?
  • Will it be worth it?

We want to answer the questions that people all over the country ask themselves.

We do feel that this is a brilliant opportunity for “life changers” to feature themselves and their new venture on their very own hour long prime time documentary, and inspire other people in the process.  We are keen to feature aspirational stories, and it would be great If we could feature one that is female led!

Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.  If you have any questions at all about the show, or Pi Productions, please do get in contact.

Katy McGhie

Casting Producer

T: 020 3761 4520