Networking Breakfast Masterclass!

Posted: 25th April 2016

Networking Breakfast Masterclass 9th June 2016 in Shropshire

This is a breakfast meeting with a difference. There will be time to engage with new contacts over a delicious breakfast before you sit down to enjoy a thought provoking training presentation which explores the merit of savvy networking and how to be more effective when developing professional connections for referral business. Most people in business recognise that networking is not just about swapping business cards and hoping for the best…

We all know how fundamentally important business connections are. Who we choose to associate with matters, and who we decide to engage with on a long term basis for future referrals is key to our growth strategy.

How many times have you attended a networking session (with all good intentions) and felt that you had wasted some valuable hours? Don’t let your efforts go to waste in future. With some very useful tips on engagement and facilitation, Williams Performance Coaching have packed a lot into two hours over breakfast! We can help you to develop a much more robust networking strategy for your business and its referral connections.

Develop your strategy for building professional connections with businesses who possess the right cultural and commercial match

We would love you to join us for this focused session which covers the salient points for success and doesn’t eat up too much of your day. Tightly packed with real workable tips for success, this breakfast training meeting could be just the boost you need to get you set on the right track. We are delighted to extend this invitation to you and any of your colleagues. Early bird tickets available now at the link below.

Let us help you to engage more positively in a relaxed environment, conducive to learning; excellent facilities; memorable original material.

  • Critique of the traditional networking model
  • Explaining the merit of due diligence
  • Strategy,structure and process
  • Effective communication
  • Improving and engaging with your client base
  • Managing tasks efficiently
  • Developing your successful networking model

Getting actual referrals rather than simply talking about them isn’t as difficult as you might think.. Improve your skill set in this focused training masterclass from just *£39.99! Please note that this is a ticketed event. For more information and ticket availability: click here 

Breakfast and refreshments are included in the delegate price

Please arrive at 8.00am for a prompt start at 8.30am
breakfast masterclass concludes at 10.00am

Looking forward to seeing you there!

With our very best wishes,

Williams Performance Coaching Ltd

*Early bird price if you book before 15th May