New Colour Image Consultant

Posted: 12th April 2016

My name is Wendy Marshall and I am the founder of UK based True Colour Fashion.

My background has been in Beauty Therapy, retailing cosmetics and in Ladies Fashion. In recent years I have come to understand how important colour is in our every day lives and the difference that wearing our True Colours can make.

I am a qualified Colour Image Consultant which involves finding your True Colours which makes the most of your individual colouring to match your own unique personality and also to find the correct styles that flatter your body shape.

My site reflects this on my Ladies Fashion pages with clothing in seasonal colours and up to date styles which apply to all ages. Predominately I have gorgeous, vibrant colours that concentrate mainly on the top half of the body as this is the area nearest to the face which will radiate the complexion.

Take time to find your True Colours by personalising my virtual mannequin on my Find Your True Colours page. By clicking on the coloured boxes that refer to your unique colouring you can create a virtual image of yourself to see which colours suit you best. When we wear the right colours we can look younger, healthier and feel more confident.

When you have found your True Colours why not take time to visit my Fashion pages of Beautiful Coloured Scarves, Vibrant Tops and Colourful Dresses. As this is a more personalised website I also include tips and suggestions with my garments. If you would like some advice or you cannot find a particular item I will endeavour to help. I can be contacted via email

I do not have a huge variety of clothing as it is far better and more economical to have a few items in your wardrobe in your True Colours. You will wear these more than a variety of all colours which do not suit your colouring or your personality and will be put to the back of your wardrobe, we have all done this, I am sure!