Why you really need to consider Travel Insurance.

Posted: 7th March 2016

Shropshire holidaymakers have been warned that hospital beds overseas can be even more expensive than luxury hotel accommodation.

The warning comes from Jenny Osborne, of Henshalls Insurance Brokers in Newport and Shrewsbury, who urged anyone planning to travel abroad this year to take out an all-important travel insurance policy.

“Some holidaymakers decide to take the risk and travel without any appropriate cover in place, but research has shown that this can be an expensive and foolhardy approach,” said Jenny.

USA wasn’t the most expensive!

She revealed that contrary to what many people may assume, hospital accommodation in the USA was not the most expensive across the world.

“The most expensive hospital bed was in Singapore where any traveller who falls ill and who fails to have the right cover in place, could face costs of up to £430 per night – and that’s before any healthcare costs are applied.”

The survey showed hospital beds in the USA were the next most expensive and would cost the average traveller £362 per night, with beds in Hong Kong costing £347 per night – compared to the average travel insurance to that country being around £35.

“Both the Netherlands and Canada also made to top five list of the most expensive hospital accommodation, with hospital stays costing £323 and £290 on average, followed by high prices from the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Spain.”

Jenny said the study was carried out by finder.com.au who compiled data based on the most recent World Health Organisation Department of Health Systems Financing estimates and over 10,000 quotes.

“The figures they’ve pulled together don’t take into account any form of transportation, medicine or surgery costs – all of which should be covered if you have the right kind of insurance cover in place before you travel. And although travel insurance may seem like just another expense on top of the cost of a trip, travelling without it is a gamble that could well cost you very dearly in the longer term.”

Jenny also warned though that any injuries suffered by holidaymakers under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not be covered by policies acquired before the trip.