Agri Advisor Team Top Five Tips

Posted: 7th March 2016

By: WiRE Team

  1. AgriadvisorOur top general tip is aim to be proactive rather than reactive in all that you do in your farming business, it will be undoubtedly save time; hopefully money; and also contribute to a healthier and happier 2016;
  2. Our top legal tip is to ensure that if you are part of a Farming Partnership that you have a written Partnership Agreement that protects all concerned and forms a sound basis from which to run and develop your Business;
  3. Our second legal tip is to ensure that you have a will in place so that your wishes can be carried out and your loved ones provided for. The making of a will is paramount at whatever age as it focuses your attention in a positive and objective way; once you have a will it is good practice to revisit it and check and update it as required due to changing circumstances;
  4. Our fourth tip is both general and legal – always keep the lines of communication/conversation open. Successful relationships whether personal or business are built on excellent and open and honest communication and interaction skills. Keep conversing; keep planning/including succession planning. Communication is the cornerstone of daily existence “a problem shared is a problem halved!” and if communication is a problem in your farming business our Agri Mediator service could help;
  5. Our final tip is that a New Year should encourage you to a review of any existing agreements that you have in place, especially in terms of CAP, to ensure that they are fit for purpose and suitable for all parties concerned, thus ensuring the continuity of excellent and progressive working relationships.

The Team at Agri Advisor Solicitors specialise in providing a bespoke bilingual legal service for the farming industry within Wales and the Borders; personnel come from predominantly farming backgrounds and all members of staff are passionate about supporting and sustaining the agricultural industry in Wales via their specialisms.