Your Business Success Is Relying On You!

Posted: 23rd February 2016

Liz Tucker

In order for your business to succeed you need a combination of self-confidence and competence. Deciding to run your own business may seem scary, and often requires a huge leap of faith.

The good news is the payoff – it’s worth all the effort. You will gain a tremendous sense of pride, achievement and self-confidence as your business grows.

Often when we face major challenges feelings of self-doubt creep in. This is generally because of our desire to succeed. We’re simply trying to guard against any possibility of failure. A little self-doubt can be a good thing. It might make you stop and question what you want to do.

Seeking independent advice or revisiting your business idea can be really helpful. Just be aware that you can’t create a failsafe plan to guard against failure. There is always an element of risk with any new venture. Be confident and don’t allow this to hold you back.

Having more confidence in the face of a major challenge is one of the most important things you can do to succeed. Research demonstrates the role of confidence in achieving goals and building relationships.

Goals are important to your business success. You need to have clearly defined short, medium and long-term goals. Otherwise you’re in danger of going around in circles rather than heading somewhere.

You also need the confidence to build good relationships with your customers/clients, suppliers, employees (if you have any) and yourself. Those who truly believe in their ability to succeed are the ones who end up being the most successful. Now there’s an incentive to develop confidence!

Please don’t underestimate the value of self-belief. Self-belief is hugely influential in business interactions and outcomes. Psychologist, Albert Bandura, studied the role of self-belief in how people approach goals, tasks and challenges. He found that our views of our own ability profoundly influence our successes.

Perfectionism is one of the things that stops us achieving our ‘big’ dreams and goals. We’re too afraid of trying something and not doing it perfectly. And, shock-of-shocks the thought of failing…

Of course no one wants their business to fail, but failure isn’t the end of the world. Every successful entrepreneur has failed at some point on their journey to business success. Success and confidence comes from your ability to pick yourself up and try again.

We know women are more likely than men to underestimate their abilities. This often stops us taking the risk of self-employment or business ownership. Psychologists now believe that risk taking, failure and perseverance are critical for developing self-confidence. Another great thing about self-confidence is it can be learnt.

In case you’re interested I’ve recently launched a new self-confidence coaching programme, and a self-confidence home study programme. Please visit the website for more details (

If that doesn’t appeal to you here are four tips to help you on your self-confidence journey:

Seek opportunities to practice success. Public speaking and networking events are good for this

  1. Watch and learn from other entrepreneurs or successful business owners. Adopt some of their habits
  2. Build a positive support network
  3. Recognise your unconfident feelings but try to turn them into a positive experience e.g. ‘butterflies in the stomach’. Instead of being crippled by fear tell yourself you’re feeling excited

If you’re already a business owner, know that self-confidence will help your business succeed. If you’re contemplating business ownership – go for it! This will increase your self-confidence tremendously.

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“A change in your self-confidence starts when you can see the first step on your ladder to success” (Liz Tucker)