SIMS – Digital Networking Support to Improve your Business

Posted: 11th January 2016


Sims started in Suffolk by WiRE Member Sam Parnell.

Is a group for digital experts, small businesses and business people to meet, share and learn from their collective experiences. It’s a chance to talk, and listen, to people in all aspects of business who share a common interest of wanting to learn more. SIMS is a learning platform that empowers you with skills to take your digital marketing into your own hands.

Giving advice, tips and tricks, SIMS is a great place to learn the skills you need.

At SIMS we hold open meetings to help people learn and develop their internet marketing skills and offer the chance to network with like-minded people. Connecting with other business people within the community gives you the chance to discover new businesses and let other people discover yours. SIMS gives you the opportunity of networking and growing yourself and your business through your contacts.

Subjects you want to hear about.

SIMS meet once a month to discuss topics chosen by members, for members. Each month we have an industry expert in to speak about their specialism and debunk the jargon to help you understand your own SEO and web data. SIMS gets your questions answered, with answers provided by experts and the SIMS community. We find sharing your own experiences is often the best way to learn.

More details are available on our website:

SIMS 2016 schedule

Tel: 0776 585 2887