Tips and Treats for Christmas and beyond

Posted: 27th October 2015

NYRGiftPacksAnnie Day, Complementary Therapist and owner of Heaven Scent Bliss in Staffordshire, gives us some personal care tips and some Christmas gift ideas for those special people in our lives.

As a holistic therapist, I have been using Neal’s Yard Remedies in my own personal care kit for years. A while ago, I noticed that more and more of my clients were asking me where they could buy products that didn’t contain harsh chemicals or other allergenic ingredients. I naturally started recommending the products I use myself, so becoming a Neal’s Yard Consultant was a logical step for me. I am very passionate about using and recommending products that reflect the values of Heaven Scent Bliss. What’s more, the feedback I get from my clients is amazing.

One of the most common questions I get asked is about deodorant. A lot of people are looking for something that does not contain aluminium but is still effective against body odour. Neal’s Yard Lemon and Coriander Deodorant is preservative free, has no aluminium salts and smells great.

People also ask me about shampoo, which doesn’t contain sulphates or parabens. I frequently recommend Neal’s Yard Revitalising Orange Flower Shampoo with 76% organic ingredients – or the vegetable-based Create Your Own Hair and Body Wash, which is unfragranced. This one is a real favourite of mine because I add drops of essential oil (such as rosemary or lavender) to it.

At this time of year, people are looking for Christmas gifts that show they care. One the most popular gift sets is the Unwind Organic Aromatic Collection – an indulgent aromatherapy-infused Aromatic Foaming Bath and deep nourishing Aromatic Body Butter that come in a beautiful eco-gift box.

Especially for men, there’s the Men’s Organic Grooming Collection, packed with skin-softening and smoothing botanic extracts. It contains Close Shave Cream, Calming After-Shave Balm and Invigorating Body Wash. Its unique blend of essential oils is a great mood enhancer too!

And to combat the winter weather there’s the Beautiful Hands Organic Collection, an organic trio of nourishing hand creams to soften skin and impart a deliciously uplifting aroma.

Neal’s Yard gift sets range from £15 to £40.

For those who want to choose their own Christmas gift, I have Heaven Scent Bliss treatment gift vouchers from £25 upwards. With a gift voucher, your loved one can choose a specific treatment, such as the Time Out Aromatherapy Body Massage, during which essential aromatherapy oils are selected and blended by hand to suit their needs. Or they can choose a course of treatments, such as Reiki or Reflexology – both deeply relaxing and beneficial for mind, body and spirit. In fact, a few of my regular clients experienced their first treatment with me as a gift from a partner or friend!

And finally, don’t forget to treat yourself! The run-up to Christmas is a particularly stressful time and looking after your own wellbeing is a priority. Taking time to unwind in between work and the Christmas preparations is made easy with Heaven Scent Bliss.

If you would like to some more information about Heaven Scent Bliss treatments or Neal’s Yard products either for yourself or as a gift for someone special, please contact me on 07869 123065 or email me at I wish you all a wonderful and stress-free Christmas!