The Fruit of our Alliances

Posted: 27th October 2015

by Cassandra Eve of Whole Woman

Over this summer we’ve experienced a journey into the heart of relating with two planets, Goddess of Love Venus in passionate Leo and Messenger Mercury in relationship-orientated Libra. Let’s take a look at these two personal planets to see what growth potentials may be opening in our relationships.

Mercury the Messenger is the planet representing our left-brain conscious processes of thought and communication. In many ways Mercury energy is an organiser and director of ideas that naturally structure our lives and lead us along future pathways. He navigates. This is the simple picture, for as we know, life direction does not happen through us simply making a decision and following it. Here also we connect to the energy of Venus, our desires or what we want, both consciously and unconsciously. Venus is the attractor, the magnetic feminine force. In many ways Venus and Mercury could be said to be working together in our psyche, bringing about the many little steps we take that make up life direction. As we know, we may decide on a certain path rationally, even from a place of insight, but if we don’t truly desire that path, our navigation won’t flow (hence the dance of one step forward, two back).

Just as the swing between thought and desire permeates our lives, the planets Venus and Mercury travel closely through our universe, never more than 76 degrees apart. If we come back to their relationship journey over summer, we may see this dynamic between desire and rationale both within ourselves and in relating. It’s the seesaw swing of head and heart, of different parts of our selves wanting different things. Most of us know we can’t think our way through relationship. Without Venus’s magnetic connection and magic, in other words, the mystery of love, relating is dry. Yet Mercury has his place too, not just in clearly communicating our way through the everyday difficulties of relating but also in expressing our love and desire for another.  The summer journeys of these two planets: Venus through Leo and Mercury through Libra have been revealing where the balance of this dynamic lies within our selves and our relationships: desire and tactics, passion and detachment, giving/receiving or demanding/compromising, plus the synergy of my heart’s desire/our relationship.

Mythological themes lie at the heart of the human psyche. Whether aware of it or not, these themes play out constantly in our lives. There’s no new drama in the psyche! Looking at the mythology of these two archetypes provides an intriguing analogy for modern relating and its potential evolutionVenus was the only Goddess in whom Mercury had a passionate sexual interest and he mapped out an elaborate and successful strategy to win her. Yet clearly all that planning wasn’t necessary, all she needed to know was that he desired her. Nonetheless, eventually they got together and conceived a child. In fact, Venus conceived many children with both Gods and men. She is the Goddess of Love after all. One of her daughters is Harmonia, Goddess of marital and civic harmony. Venus’s union with Mercury produced two children; Hermaphroditos (a unified male/female being) and Eros (aka Cupid) the winged boy God of erotic love. Eros is known for his golden arrows of love that enflamed desire in both Gods and men. Perhaps lesser known are his arrows of lead producing indifference? Some would say it is indifference not hate that’s the opposite of love. So we see a plethora of potentials from this Venus/Mercury journey together: harmony, unified being, desire, love and indifference.

In October Mercury has been revealing the evolution of our relationships to their next phase. Venus meeting with Fixed Star Regulus, also is revealing exactly what greater good our desires (and relating) serve. At this time our capacity for growth, and our growth in partnership, is tremendous. It’s a time for exploring what fruit our alliances carry, to commit deeper or to move on.