Nature inspired children’s book launched

Posted: 28th October 2015

I-SeeCharlotte and Jayne, the founders of Free Rangers Forest School Nursery know from growing up on Welton Manor Farm that the immediate countryside has much to offer eager learners. They decided to share their ethos in the form of Free Rangers’ first book; “I See, You See” a creative collaboration between Free Rangers’ staff, children and Kate Daubney. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of wellies and become a Free Ranger from afar.

Enjoy the suspense as our little friends from the Free Rangers’ logo come to life. Hedgehog starts peering through his telescope. What can he see? What can you see? Turn the pages to be delighted and immersed in the colourful world in which we live. After reading this book, we hope you see your environment with a fresh pair of eyes!

The Story behind “I See, You See” (Stocked on Amazon and in our on-line shop)

Like any project we collectively decide to embark upon at Free Rangers, “I See, You See” our nature inspired children’s book, was no different. From conception, it involved many group meetings, and valuable input from all the staff at Free Rangers and of course the children!

The easiest decision was to approach Kate Daubney, the most talented illustrator behind our great logo that Taxi Studio created. Pulling this project together was a new venture and none of us had any background in publishing, printing or creating a children’s book. That sort of scenario always motivates us and so we jumped two feet in. We were recommended the lovely Stephanie Weise, a newly graduated student from Bristol University’s Design Department. She had never designed a children’s book either, but we all agreed fresh eyes on this new project might bring something unique to the finished book.

We wanted “I See, You See” to encourage families to:

  1. Enjoy the green space that is on their doorstep
  2. To share time and experiences in the great outdoors
  3. Be mindful of the wonderful world around them

From a teaching and learning point of view, in case the above three points aren’t reason enough to enjoy the book, we have also considered:

  • Helping children to understand days of the week and the concept of the passing of time
  • Encouraging children to explore their understanding of shapes
  • Rhythm and rhyme and the flow of words
  • A list of easy activities that will encourage your little Free Rangers to venture out and explore their own green spaces.
  • A careful use of colour; calming muted greens, followed by full colour spreads to highlight the rich abundance of wildlife nature offers.

Sit back, relax and enjoy sharing this little gem of a book with your nearest and dearest; then be prepared to pull on your wellies, whatever the weather, and experience the great outdoors in the best way possible; first hand!

 Our story

Welton Manor Farm has been in our family for three generations. Our Grandad, George Knowles used to farm the land, a large, ruddy-faced, smiler of a man with a big personality and an even bigger voice. Then came our Dad, Lawrence. He nurtured the land and his animals thoughtfully and successfully. In fact it was his idea to open Free Rangers on the farm. Following in the farming tradition our brother Austin became his partner and the business was relocated to another thriving farm in Herefordshire. We all grew up at Welton, on the farm, (honestly it was like the Larkins!) and our family shares so many memories thanks to the surrounding countryside and the adventures it provided. We know from personal experience the farm and the immediate countryside has so much to offer eager learners.

Since opening our doors it’s evident all our families want the same for their children; an inspiring and engaging place to learn and we are confident that Free Rangers provides this. Now, milking cows and acres of crops has evolved into giggling children and muddy knees.

Please see our website for more information: to understand what we do and why we do it.

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