All wrapped up

Posted: 28th October 2015

CardCrushNetwork Leader Bridget Lewis from Card Crush Greeting Cards offers her tips for stunningChristmas Gift Wrapping

For the wrapping nervous, she also offers courses!

  1. Wrap your gifts sat at a table rather than knelt on the floor in the bedroom. Use a sharp pair of scissors and double sided tape. You will get a far more professional finish.
  2. Always measure your paper and trim off the excess. The paper should wrap around the gift with a little overlap and each end should be no higher than the height of the gift.
  3. To get a polished finish on the ends, fold the paper out half way, fold inwards. Add your tape and secure.
  4. There is always the temptation to pick really expensive paper but think about using brown parcel paper. Printer paper makes perfect gift wrap which can be personalised too. Add the WOW! factor with ribbons and embellishments.
  5. If you find that you don’t have enough paper to cover your gift, join it with another design. Simply fold over the edge and secure with tape, place the seam in the centre of your gift, then tie a bow to hide the join.
  6. If you have lots of small items to wrap why not put them in a larger box and wrap one item instead. You can buy boxes on Ebay or Amazon in small quantities
  7. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. You can really go to town on personalising your gift.
  8. Avoid wasting small pieces of paper and ribbon, they can always be used on other projects.
  9. Wrapping bottles can be a challenge but if you use a flexible wrap you will find it so much easier.
  10. Don’t forget to label your gifts! You can create some great labels with old photographs of the recipient.

If you would like more details on my gift wrapping courses then please contact Bridget at or call 07876 753322 for more information.