Eat like a Pharaoh with Marina Ibrahim

Posted: 7th September 2015

EgyptianBack after selling out last year, all three days will feature The Soul of Egyptian Cuisine at 11.30am and 2.30pm each day on 11, 12 and 13 September at Ludlow Castle. At Cooking Like CleopatraMasterclasses featuring Egyptian born Marina Ibrahim you will learn to prepare ‘Koshari’, one of Egypt’s most popular street food snacks and enjoy the yummy vegan/vegetarian mezze as takeaway or lunch on the spot. Sessions are just £5.

This year Marina will also unveil the secrets of Egyptian cooking by launching her new cookery booklet “Marina’s Egyptian Cookbook – Eat like a Pharaoh with these 12 Delicious Dukka Recipes”. Available as printed book as well as E-book it contains twelve easy to prepare vegetarian mezze dishes and can be purchased online via from 14 September.

Whilst being brought up with her families in both Egypt and Germany it was for the amazing cooking and hosting skills of her beloved Aunty Mouneira in Cairo that brought Marina into learning about Egyptian cooking.

Living in Shropshire’s beautiful food town of Ludlow and having access to super fresh produce has inspired Marina to develop her own style and add some modern twists to cooking Egyptian vegetarian mezze.

Her beautifully designed booklet has been created in collaboration with some great artistic professionals in Shropshire: star food photographer Ashleigh Cadet and the brilliant Matthew Lloyd who also runs his own food business The Fabulous Coboven Company and edited by blogger, poet and social media whiz Nikki Ayton and art directed by Mal Salisbury

Some of the recipes Marina shares in this book date back to the ancient pharaohs. With the help of her own created moreish Egyptian spice & nut mix ‘Dukka’ she brings some of the tastes from Luxor to Ludlow