Building a business is all about people!

Posted: 8th September 2015

CarolWithout a doubt, you are and always will be, the main asset to your business…….but your business needs more than you!

 Sincere Moments an award winning Staffordshire based Celebrancy business that delivers personalised Funeral and Wedding ceremonies, is now in its 5th year of trading.  It wouldn’t be alive today, if I didn’t value the knowledge, insights and skills of others.

 Building a business is all about people and if you struggle with that concept, then you’re not making it easy for yourself.

These are the 6 Top Tips that I wrote back in 2013 when Theo Paphitis awarded me his coveted #SBS win on Twitter.  They still hold true for me today.

  • Appreciate people from all walks of life and what they have to offer.
  • Remember those who’ve helped you and give back what you can.
  • Build relationships for the long haul, not for your own immediate gain.
  • Choose partners who share your values and standards.
  • Deliver beyond client expectations.
  • Only turn it into a business if you’re passionate about it!

You can find out more about me and what winning the award means, HERE