Being in the Know & the Flow

Posted: 8th September 2015

By Cassandra Eve


Whether we like it or not our human lives are governed by natural rhythms beyond our control. Now we’re shifting seasons again as we let go of summer (such as it’s been!) and move towards the cooler colourful days and darker nights of autumn.  Although it seems a long way off, before we know it, it will be summer again. As the seasons shift so do our responses. Soon we’ll be naturally taking action to support ourselves through the colder dark times.

Beyond the earth cycle of seasons lie larger cycles of the universe. When we think about it we might realise that our human bodies are made from star stuff and earth matter. We have the same chemical constituents. And just as we respond to the seasons of the earth cycle, we are also dependent on and respond to the universal cycles. We may know this as women through the monthly rhythm of the Moon that governs our female cycles. Science is beginning to understand now how the Sun spot activity affects electrical signals on earth, in our brains and bodies. We are beginning to realise just how connected to the universe we are. Who doesn’t feel a thrill at seeing the Full Moon lighting up the night sky!

Astrology is an ancient esoteric science that has pointed us towards this knowledge of universal energy for 5000 years. Modern astrology is not a predictive art like the very general picture you see in the newspapers but a profound understanding of the energy and rhythms of the universe pertaining to human life. We can witness these cycles on a vast scale and an individual one. For instance as we move through the astrological year from the Sun’s entry into the zodiac sign of Aries at the Spring Equinox, the New and Full Moons meander through each sign in turn, reflecting the complete cycle of growth of a solar year. Each lunar month has a particular ‘flavour’ according to the astrological patterns. There is a rhythm and flow to this cycle and to every planet within the universe. Think of every planet as representing a particular aspect of human consciousness and you’ll get the picture. The Moon represents our emotional tides, our moods; Mars stands for our will and drive; Jupiter, our capacity to learn and grow, and so on. Each planet vibrates a particular kind of energy that on subtle levels we’re attuned to and also responding to, whether we know it or not. Consider the energetic difference between a warm calm evening and a stormy autumn day, how they make you feel and change your responses. The planetary energies work in similar ways.

Astrology provides us with a constantly changing map of energy arriving on Earth from the Universe. That map can be a snapshot of a moment in time – where each planet is at the moment an individual is born, or an over-view of a period of time. A birth-chart is an individual’s map of potential, or even the potential of a business (from its inception). The diverse combination of energies in this unique map reveals positive qualities and gifts, challenges and opportunities, where they play out in life and the timing of change. Understanding the map facilitates a conscious response to life, to current energy flow, much as a sat nav allows us navigate more easily when driving. We still have choice about where we’re going and when, but in understanding the upcoming potentials (roadworks, heavy traffic, feeling tired and so on) we can make our journey a more enjoyable experience. A good astrological example is when planet Mercury, representing communication, travel and our mental processes, goes retrograde three times a year. It’s a time when our thinking is in review and reflection orientation rather than rational, initiate mode. If we know these time periods we can plan ahead appropriately, avoiding the ‘small mistake/huge cost’ syndrome that often occurs when this energy is strong. Heads up – Mercury retrograde coming up, 18th September to 10th October!

Developing an understanding of our unique place and role as individuals within this rhythmic universe, opens the door to a bigger picture of our lives, way beyond our everyday concerns and chaos. Being in the know of upcoming energy potentials helps us approach challenging phases with consciousness of their gifts of growth and change. Being in the flow of those universal energies supports us in riding the wave of opportunity at exactly the right moment. We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be!  Consciously connecting to the bigger picture of our lives is key if we are to live our full potential with presence, passion and grace. Isn’t that a gift you’d like to give yourself?

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Cassandra Eve