Your thoughts are powerful

Posted: 16th February 2023

Your thoughts are powerful

Your thoughts are powerful!

We go through life aware to some extent of our immediate thoughts but are we aware of our subconscious ones and the story that we are telling ourselves.

Our brain is split into two sections, the conscious part, the part of the brain that we keep current thoughts in, our current movements, thoughts, and memories. The other half is our subconscious, the part that keeps our longer-term memories, the part of our brain that helps us move without thinking, to speak without consciously thinking of how to. And all the other things we do without consciously thinking of.

Thoughts have energy

Did you know that our thoughts have energy, and what energy we put out we attract the same back? We are all made up of energy, we are made of atoms and atoms are made up of energy. We are surrounded by energy.

So, if you are constantly thinking about one thing, then we attract that thing into our lives. If we think of negative thoughts we attract more negativity back. If we think positive thoughts we attract more positive things back.

The more positivity you have in your thoughts the more positive things that will happen.  When you are full of gratitude and positivity you cannot have negativity too.

When you think of something a lot, and in great detail, we call this visualisation.  And what you visualise a lot, you can bring it into your life, this is called manifesting. And when you get good at what you are thinking, you get better at visualizing your goals. And then the more goals you hit the more you get used to hitting them.

There is a saying I used to hear growing up “be careful what you wish for” and it is so true.  You can manifest bad things into your life as well as good.

You can change your thoughts.

Just as you can be aware of your thoughts, ask yourself this, are your thoughts the truth.  Is that story you have been telling yourself all your life, the truth?  We all have a story like a tape running in our brain, telling us a certain thing.  But is that thing you have been telling yourself actually the truth?

You can change this story, just by changing your thinking. Change your story, tell yourself a new story. Go on, it will change your life. 😊