WiRE Website Guide for Network Leaders

Posted: 2nd January 2016

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months to make sure that it’s easier than ever to update your Network page and advertise your events, and to make it more SEO friendly so that your network and your business gets lots more traffic. Your marketplace details and general network details have been imported from the old website to the new website but please make sure everything is correct.

To login to the member and network leader area please go to https://www.wireuk.org/account/

Your username is the email address that you used when you registered with WiRE, if you haven’t already you will need to reset your password – click the  ‘Forgotten your Password’ link. This will generate a new password via email to login with – when you login you can create – please make sure it is a good strong password with an unguessable combination of letters, numbers and special characters!

What’s New?

(scroll down to see new features for members)

  • On the new site, you only have one single login – your Member login (see above for details of how to log in) – but as a Network leader you will see some extra options on the Members’ login screen that will allow you to update your Network page and add and amend your events as well.
  • You have an option to add a new Cover Photo style image (like Facebook) to appear at the top of your Network page – ideally this would be 750 pixels wide to fit the space nicely. If you upload a wider image, it will be scaled down.
  • Events are now much easier to add and amend, please do keep your events up to date, most new people find you via the WiRE Website and it shows the world just how dynamic and busy the WiRE network is.
  • Social Media links are easy to add

Here is a quick guide

  1. Creating an Event: Simply choose the Network Leader Admin option then choose Add Event to the right of the screen and complete all the boxes to add the event. *Tip* we suggest you give each event a unique name such as “January Cornwall WiRE Network Meeting – HMRC Revisited” plus the name of your network and the topic – it just makes everything easier to find and more enticing.
  2. Set up your Event: Follow the form setting the time and the date from the dropdowns and choose your County and your network again from the dropdowns. If you want to add a Google map insert the venue postcode and click on the location that it finds.
  3. Event Bookings: When you create an event you can choose to ‘Take bookings online’. Tick this box if you want people to be able to book a place via the WiRE website in advance. Input the cost for members and non-members and the event will display the cost. *Tip* Members must log in to be able to book at the member price.



If you tick the second box as well, ‘Take payment online’ – in this case people can both book and pay online, but the payment would go to WiRE and you would then need to invoice WiRE for it later. If you choose not to ‘take payment online’ your event will automatically say ‘pay on the door’.

If you don’t tick either box, the event will just be an advert but without any kind of online booking or payment.

  1. Finding delegates: You won’t receive a booking email, so to see who has booked onto an event you will see the option to ‘Download Bookings’ (If you’re not seeing the ‘Download Bookings’ link, this is because you haven’t got any bookings yet). In the spreadsheet there is a column showing whether or not the delegate is a WiRE member. It will show that they are a member if they were logged in at the time of making the booking – so it is still possible that they could be a member but forgot to log in.
  2. Changing an event: If you make any changes to the event e.g. location or time, the delegates that are already booked won’t automatically get notified – you’ll need to contact each of them. You can’t cancel an event listing on the website once it has delegates booked onto it, so if you want to take an event off the website once it has got some bookings attached to it, set the date of the event to a date in the past – it then won’t be visible in the events listings on the website. Do remember to let the delegates know, of course!
  3. If you want to look back at details of events that have happened in the past, these are accessed by clicking the link ‘View past events’.

Have fun exploring the new site and please let us know what you think!

Member Instructions

We’re delighted to announce that the new WiRE website is live!

The WiRE website gets lots of traffic (over 7,000 visits last month alone!) and the member directory (Marketplace) is one of the most popular areas of the site.

Your marketplace details have been imported from the old website to the new website but some things – like your profile picture – won’t necessarily have been carried across.

  1. Your username is the email address that you used when you registered with WiRE. You need to create a new password for yourself by going to the Member Login screen (https://www.wireuk.org/account/) and clicking ‘Forgotten your Password?’. This will generate a new password to login with – when you login you can create yourself a new (personal) password –please make sure it is a good strong password with an unguessable combination of letters, numbers and special characters!
  2. Once you’re logged in, the first thing to do is to update your profile – make sure all your details are up to date, especially your address (lots of people search by county). Everything in your profile is searched by the search box, so include lots of detail about what you do and you’re sure to be found!
  3. Upload some pictures (you can now upload two pictures rather than one – both a logo and a picture of yourself). Pictures should under 1mb in size and there is a guide to resizing pictures linked to from the member area.
  4. Choose a category for your business. Don’t worry if your business doesn’t quite fit one of the categories – just choose the closest match.
  5. Choose which details you want to make public.
  6. Add your social media links.

When you’ve updated your profile, please take the time to look around your new member area and see all the new things you can do to promote your business.

  • You can now submit a news story about your business from the member page – these are published both on the website and in the email newsletter WiREmail.
  • You can write an article about your area of expertise and submit it to the WiRE Knowledgebase (another part of the site that Google loves – our most popular Knowledgebase article got over 1,300 visits last month!).
  • And you can post a sticky note advertising an event, special offer or other exciting news to our Noticeboard.

Once you’re logged into the site you can always get back to the member area by clicking the link with your name on it, in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Have fun exploring the new site and let us know what you think!