WiRE Guide to Great Networking

Posted: 9th November 2015

By: WiRE Team

WiRE Networking Means Business

Networking is about support, inspiration and motivation. It’s about sharing ideas knowledge and expertise and helping each other to be successful, but it’s also about getting business.

People buy from people so it’s not surprising that building relationships will lead to new business, both inside and outside the network. Fellow members will network on your behalf – you will find new business coming from all over the place.

Helping other businesses within the WiRE network, making connections and putting people together will raise your business profile and give people confidence in you and your business. Being part of the WiRE network opens the door to business partnerships and joint ventures that may otherwise never have happened.

WiRE network provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth referrals. Getting involved in your local WiRE Network is a good business decision and an investment for your business, your future your local economy and community.

  • WiRE Local Networks are at the heart of the WiRE community. Members can attend any WiRE network groups (you don’t have to stick to just one) and if you are not a member you are welcome to visit a WiRE meeting twice before joining.

See The North Warwickshire WiRE Network in action

WiRE Network Experience

  • Share experiences and learn from other women who ‘have been there before’ or are on the same Journey as you.
  • Gain Skills and expertise which will ultimately help your business grow through increased sales and contacts.
  • Meet like-minded businesswomen who share a common passion for developing their business – on a national and local level and all at different stages of business.
  • Be inspired by the achievements of others.
  • Build confidence, enthusiasm and Motivation!
  • Facilitate connections between people and places…in person, online,via telephone, you can use the whole WiRE network.
  • Experience the fantastic generation on energy!

WiRE Networking Ethos

At a network meeting you never know who is going to be there, what they know and who they know. If you network generously, you will receive a whole range of different support, help, advice and business. WiRE encourages networking with enthusiasm, with energy, with everybody!

Every business is important. WiRE never adopts a ‘one size fits all’ approach, businesses are different, areas are different. Each WiRE network is as unique as the businesses within them, but their enthusiasm and commitment to supporting rural business women is the same.

It’s your local group, you make it successful. Go regularly, support everything. Keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn and what opportunities come your way.

Remember, over 70% of new business is gained through word of mouth!

WiRE Good Networking

  • Treat other people as you would wish to be treated and keep your word. If you say you’ll do something – do it!
  • It’s OK to enjoy yourself! It may not feel like work, but it is valuable to your business.
  • Help other people. Think about what you can do for them, not just what they can do for you.
  • Be with people who have standards and ethics you believe in – you’ll do better business.
  • It’s about building relationships – not lists of contacts. You wouldn’t spam your friends so don’t spam your WiRE network.
  • Use your WiRE network for creative discussion and debate.
  • Value your network, cultivate it and maintain relationships. Networking is a way of life.
  • Make sure you always have your business cards with you and keep them in your pocket to avoid rummaging in your handbag.
  • Spread the word – invite others who may also benefit from joining WiRE.
  • And finally…it’s your group so contribute to its success.