WiRE Facebook – all you need to know

Posted: 25th April 2016

By: WiRE Team

CoverFacebook is absolutely brilliant for WiRE, allowing members and interested people to stay in touch in and around the network meetings, to make recommendations and respond to requests immediately. But like all online communication the subtle personal nuances are missing so it’s a good idea to follow a few basic guidelines so that everybody can have a great WiRE Facebook experience.


The main WiRE Facebook page and group are open. They are intended for conversation and discussion but also exist to raise the profile of WiRE and WiRE members. This means that friends/followers are not necessarily WiRE members and that posts are less personal and have a wider range of topics.

Since you are posting as yourself (even if it is your business page or group it will have been set up by you as an individual) anything you do or say can be seen by all your followers (friends and family as well as colleagues).

WiRE Network Group Facebook pages are usually closed groups; not to keep people out, but to create a safe, friendly, warm & relevant environment to share experiences and conversations. If you prefer to keep your business and personal separate join one of the Network Group Facebook pages and post there instead (there is a link on each Network Page on the WiRE Website).


Any WiRE Facebook group posts should remain business oriented, supportive and relevant (match the content to the network)

Please don’t post exactly the same message over and over again and blatant selling doesn’t help forge a relationship

Positive posts from members which are personal, inspirational or supporting a cause are welcome, but only occasionally

No inflammatory, political, religious or personally offensive posts – take it offline if you have something controversial to say

A big NO to public disagreements, spats or accusations (this is terrible for the WiRE brand and undermines WiRE values across the whole network)


If in doubt follow the expert guidelines in this Top Dog Social Media Infographic

Facebook Etiquette