Why do I need Google+ Google Places for my business?

Posted: 6th March 2017


By: Claire Bareja

Why do I need Google+, Google places for my Beauty or Holistic Business?

The short answer is because its Google!! Anything Google is important. It may seem hard to set up, confusing, difficult to get round but it is important for various reasons.

 Google+ or Places or whatever its current name is gets you and your business on Googles map. This means you get a much higher profile in Google searches. So as long as you have your keywords in your website copy and your google places set up you will appear on the map in local Google searches.

Another key point is to make sure that you fill out the “ABOUT” section fully as this helps in the searches too. If you are a local business relying on organic traffic to your website, (which most therapy type businesses are) make sure you have a landline phone number connected to your page. One client recently added a local phone number and went from page 3 to the top of page 1 on Google overnight by adding the local phone number instead of a mobile number (for their may keyword search). If you do not have a landline number get one and have the calls diverted to your mobile if you need to. This can cost from as little as £5 a month but could bring in way more in new clients.

Once you have your Google+ set up make sure you use it. It is a social media platform just like all the others, so be social. Share interesting content not just sales and promotional posts. Make sure that you are talking to your ideal clients. I would recommend posting to Google+ a couple of times a week to keep the content up to date. Making sure that your posts include keywords for your treatments and services. Google+ posts will often rank highly in keyword searches in Google. Sometimes higher ranking than your Website.

Another feature of Google+ is reviews. We all know that reviews are so important to any service related business. Reviews are a form of social proof, many people will not visit a business that does not have any reviews at all. Although to leave a review on Google you need to sign in most people have a Google Mail account so it is easily done.

The power of google is immense, these features are currently free, but may not be forever. If you feel a bit lost and don’t know where to start with Google, I can help. My Google set up starts from £20 and will easily get you up and running. I also offer a monthly content scheduling service for Google+ too. If you would like to find out more just drop me a message.


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