When was the last time you Googled yourself?

Posted: 27th October 2015

Karen Naylor from Fidd.ly encourages a bit of narcissism – it’s good for business

Making your business discoverable, or getting yourself to ‘come up in Google’ is something that every small business owner will appreciate the need for. It’s something that most people will typically associate with a website, and at some point we are all likely to spend time and/or money on SEO for our website.

Here’s some food for thought… Have you considered that your online presence isn’t necessarily just your website? Everywhere that your business appears on the web counts as your online presence. This includes all your social media profiles and business directory listings that you’d forgotten about.

If your business is on social media and you have profile pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn then these profile pages can be optimised so that they will appear in Google. Make sure you have filled in all your business descriptions and that they are all up to date. Take the opportunity to find all the places you’ve added details about your business and check them. Try Googling yourself and I bet you’ll find some places you had forgotten you even had an online profile!