When Life Bites You On Te Bum Again! Dealing With Change

Posted: 23rd April 2018

One of the reasons I’m self employed is because back at the start of 2012 I was made redundant.  Redundancy wasn’t a “dark cloud hanging over me” thing, at the time I really wanted to start my coaching business and strike out on my own.  I was in a job I’d begun to hate and felt stuck there because the financial security blanket it provided was too good to leave.

Redundancy provided an opportunity to embrace change, have a go at running a business, support my husband in his and give me a financial kick start through launching the business.

The redundancy cheque has long since gone, life is sometimes tough, constantly exciting and very flexible.  The last 6 years has seen me add an organic beauty range to my part time coaching business and start an art degree.

That old saying “the only thing in life that’s certain is change” is very true, so when a business friend needed some admin support to cover maternity leave, I went back on the payroll part time.  It’s been a challenging and hectic few months balancing my business, my degree and learning a new job, and just 7 months later my predecessor has returned to work.

It’s quite odd.  I knew she would return in the same way I expected my redundancy, yet both came with a mix of emotions.  The strongest of these are shock and rejection, both common and natural emotions to have. But the job losses also presented a sense of relief.  In 2012 that was because I disliked my job.  In 2018 that need to balance a job with two businesses and a degree was a heavy weight, now lifted.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


words and picture copyright Carolyn Trafford 2018

So now I will be taking 6 weeks to perfect my artwork and complete an essay.  On the 19th May and for 3 weeks my work will be on show at the Astound exhibition at the Nicholson Gallery and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to perfect my work.  Yes I will miss the extra cash for the luxuries in life, but it’s not everything.  Life is for enjoying and for making the most of opportunities and I continue to do that.

Dealing with change is a huge part of getting through redundancy or job loss and sometimes it is helpful to explore opportunities or work it through with a third party.

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