When a Home Becomes a House

Posted: 5th December 2017

When a Home Becomes a House

Ten Steps to Staging Your House To Sell

How your home is presented for sale can have a massive influence on how quickly it sells and for what price. How you live in your home and how you sell your house are two very different things. You wouldn’t sell your car without giving it a good clean, fixing it up and getting rid of your personal possessions would you? With that in mind here are some of The Home Styling Company’s tips for preparing your home for sale and maximising your property’s potential (and your investment).

  1. Online first impressions 

Definitely a cliché but absolutely true! You really do only get one chance to make a first impression. Nowadays more than ever, your prospective buyer’s first port of call will probably be to look at your property photographs online. If they don’t like something they see straight away, they might not even carry on to the end. Your property is then binned. Leading nicely on to…..

2. Quality photography is key

Some estate agents use professional photographers and some don’t. Do you really want your photographs looking like they have been taken by a four year old? (Recent craze that all photographs are taken at 4 year old height)


When you have got your photographs, make sure you are happy with them, and if there is something you want changed – ask.

An estate agent can only photograph what is put in front of them. They will only put a photograph (supposedly) in your marketing details if the photograph helps sell your house. But as a buyer I would be seriously wondering why there were very limited photographs. It would only say to me that the rest wasn’t worth seeing. Not really a message you want to convey is it?

3. Phone a friend


Ask someone whose judgement you trust to come and look at your home from a buyer’s perspective (and promise them you won’t fall out!) It will only work if they can be totally honest. You are too close to recognise minor points that are noticeable to a new pair of eyes. Ask them to give it to you straight and take it on the chin. Better that a friend notices and gives you time to sort it out, than a buyer is put off for good.

4. The best bits


What made you fall in love with your house? – Probably its best features. Make the most of them so that other buyers can feel the love too.

5. Boutique chic


Bedrooms are frequently the rooms that get overlooked. Beds should take centre stage in a bedroom. Fresh white bedding (doesn’t have to be expensive) and four well plumped pillows will make a dramatic difference. Add a couple of cushions and a throw and you will be giving your bedroom the boutique chic look it deserves. Your prospective buyers will be moving in!

6. Fit for purpose 


Ensure all rooms have a clear purpose even if this is not how you have chosen to use the space. Buyers don’t want to imagine it they want to see it.

7. Super Agent


Choose your agent wisely. Cheapest is probably not the best, but then the most expensive is not necessarily the best either. Choose an agent that has:

  • expert knowledge of your area
  • recently sold property in your area
  • a professional photographer

9. Don’t be greedy


Over pricing your house will mean you will not get as much interest. It will hang around for longer and then you will consider reducing to a more realistic price, but by then you will have lost other potential buyers. To sell your house you should have:

  • a realistic selling price
  • excellent property presentation
  • great marketing

10. The goes without saying list


  • Clean everywhere thoroughly  including all windows, paintwork and the front door
  • Get rid of everything you are not currently using (Box up and store away for moving)
  • Banish all pet paraphernalia banished (including the pet)
  • Remove all clutter from work surfaces
  • Remove all the bins
  • Fix anything that is broken
  • Clean up any marked paintwork
  • Lose all the family photos and quirky collections.
  • Maximise kerb appeal by  adding a hanging basket or pot of flowers dependent on the season and a new front door mat

10. Icing on the cake

Just before a viewing:

  • Turn on all lamps
  • Heating on or windows open depending on the season
  • Add fresh flowers
  • Clean towels in the bathroom and seat down!
  • Spray a neutral air freshener around

OR……   give Denise at The Home Styling Company a call and she will ensure all of the above (and more) are in place to ensure your property stands out from the crowd and flies off the property shelf.  Remember a small investment will cost significantly less than the first price reduction you will make if your house isn’t selling.

Denise Cable

The Home styling Company