What’s your breakthrough goal? Time for a new approach for the new year …

Posted: 28th November 2018


By: Jane Heaton

What’s your breakthrough goal? Time for a new approach for the new year …

Many people I’ve been talking with recently are beating themselves up about what they’ve failed to achieve … from simple tasks to major missed opportunities. As we rush through the year, it seems we leave an endless list of unfinished ‘to-dos’ in our wake and abandon our bigger dreams under the pressure of delivering on the day job.

No wonder we sometimes feel weary, jaded and maybe a tad fed up with ourselves as the darker days draw in.

But never mind – there’s a new year coming …

And some bright spark suggests it’s time to dust off our plans and set new or improved goals for the year ahead.

Wow! Grab a piece of paper and get writing …

So we start over again, using all our best goal setting techniques. Writing in the present tense as if we already have it, being specific, setting time frames … being appropriately realistic …

Or are we?

OK, you want a challenge or two and it’s healthy to be out of your comfort zone some of the time.

But if all this goal setting makes you feel weighed down and overloaded, and you end up with far too many goals for any sane woman … maybe there’s another way.

My invitation to you

1. Set just one breakthrough goal as your main focus for the year ahead.

Think about the one thing that will make the biggest difference to you if you achieved it.

Make it as challenging as you like – but ideally make it something that transforms you or your business.

[Definition: transform: make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of something]

It’s likely that this ‘goal’ will have been on your radar for sometime – but it could be an entirely new idea.

2. Write it down – as above, in the present tense as if you have already achieved it.

3. Take at least one action towards that goal every day. More if you want to.

Some can be little things – a telephone call, 10 minutes research. Some can be bigger or take more time. But taking at least one action every day is the main thing.

Even if you give yourself the weekends off, at just one action a day, that’s 260 actions over the course of a year.

So, if you were to set a breakthrough goal, what would it be?

Could adopting just one breakthrough goal … and acting on it every day … make a difference to you?

What do you think?!


About Jane

Jane Heaton is a coach, mentor and marketing specialist working with people who want to start, fine tune or grow their business successfully while being authentic and true to themselves – when they are asking ‘What’s next?’ and know it’s time to explore, prepare and take action.

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