What to Wear to a Conference

Posted: 4th May 2017

What to Wear to a Conference

Attending a conference as a delegate is a fantastic opportunity to get lots of ideas to develop your business and make some great contacts.

Wearing something that you feel comfortable in and portrays you and your business in the best light is one of the keys to a successful day.

Here are my top tips on what to wear:

Firstly, find out the Dress Code – ask if there is any specific code of dress to follow, where it is held and who will be attending. This gives you a good idea of how smart you need to be and what will be most suitable.  Smart casual separates or a dress work well for most events but check to be sure.

Approachability and Personality – decide what message you want to give off via your image.

If you love statement items and colour then decide on a focus for your outfit so that the people you meet will remember you (in a good way) for your statement item or bold colour.

Choose one or two statement pieces or bold colours rather than loads as this can be visually overwhelming!

Scarves or necklaces are ideal for this as they focus attention on the face and as you will be talking to lots of people then this makes sense!

Perhaps statement is not your thing – you might wish to look good in a subtler way – mid tone or softer colours for the majority of your outfit work best for this. Avoid head to toe black! Once again, choose a focus for your outfit.

Accessories can create a talking point about your business so if there is a natural (or innovative!) link to what you do and something you can wear then this is an ideal way to be memorable.

For example – if you are a Seamstress or Jeweller then wear a piece you have made. If you run felting classes then wear a felted corsage or brooch. You run Time management courses? Wearing an interesting watch could be a great opener. You get the picture!

Activity – what you will be doing at the event?  As a delegate who will most likely be sitting down for presentations you may wish to avoid anything that wrinkles easily or has a tendency to ride up.

Comfort – it is essential that you are comfortable in your outfit so try it on a week or so before. If you are spending a whole day in it then you don’t want to be irritated by scratchy labels, waistbands digging in or a gaping shirt. I’d also advise layers being a better option, check out the venue beforehand if you can. Hundreds of people arriving means the room soon heats up and you want to be able to get cool if you need to or add layers if the A/C is a bit too powerful.

Shoes are a huge part of being comfy – a closed toe is a more professional look and a low heel will mean you won’t be hopping in pain later on! If you don’t feel dressed without a higher heel then you could start your day off in those and have some flats to change into later if need be.

Be Prepared! Get your outfit together a week or so beforehand so you’ve still time to get it dry cleaned or mended.  As a delegate, bring pens, and a small pad of paper and your business cards. You could also bring a smart, packable tote or rucksack for any freebies you may pick up!

Bring along your ‘phone fully charged for taking pictures and telling the world you’re there via social media.

And don’t forget to have a great time!

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