What Should I Blog About!?

Posted: 1st August 2016

What shall I write on my blog? That’s one of the most frequent questions I get asked by my clients. It can be hard to think of topics every week or month but it helps to keep a notebook and jot down any ideas as they occur. Then try and develop a ‘Content Schedule’ a few months in advance to save that last minute panic.

Speaking at a recent WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) meeting it was clear to me how much expertise, enthusiasm and pure passion there was in the room.  All of which can be harnessed into a blog, newsletter or article.

Why Should I Blog?

Blogs, especially when posted within your own site, are great for keeping your content fresh (on your website or social media platforms), help with search engine rankings and give your business a personality. There’s many a blog about the reasons a small business should blog.

So in answer to the original question, and to challenge myself even further, here is my:

A to Z of Blogging Topics

Authenticity – great one to start, share a personal journey or how you have overcome Adversity. Be yourself, be open and honest

Best practice – comment on your industry or sector

Case Studies are a good subject, particularly if relates to a problem you have solved for a customer

‘Do you – suffer from a Bad Back?’ ‘Do you need help to get motivated?’ These sort of topics are often search for

Blogs should inform or Entertain, be helpful or interesting, not just a sales pitch

Have you got some FAQs on your web site? Create a blog post around an answer

Guest blog  Ask an associate if you can blog on their site to reach a different audience

‘How to …’ posts or posts are one of most searched for topics. ‘How to Write for Website’, ‘How to Network for Success’

Be Inspirational – write from your heart, share what inspires you

Just ask! Ask your readers or customers what topics they would like more information on

Keywords – run a Google Alert related to your business or interest to find what’s trending or a relevant news item to discuss

Learning – An information blog explains in more detail with some learning points e.g. a problem you’ve overcome, the best ways to use video on your website

Motivational – have you any tips to help people be more successful in business, lose weight, exercise more, cook healthy food? Write a blog!

Numerical Lists – always popular and great to share,  ’10 ways to..’, ‘7 Reasons why..’ ‘ 5 Favourite ..’

Share your Opinion on topical issues or disagree with a popular opinion and watch that traffic flow

Profile posts – focus in on a person you know and interview them or pick an interesting personality, do some research and profile them

Your most asked Question – as in ‘What should I Blog About?!’

Review – often searched for – give a fair/insightful opinion of a book/course/software

Use Social Media to find out what people are talking about – what’s trending?

Top Tips – another very popular search term – from cooking to saving money

Upbeat – Be positive, show some passion, unless it’s very technical keep it light

Video post – becoming more popular and important, a short video or a longer v-log

Where – is your industry going? Predictions or new trends for the year ahead

Struggling now … Be an Expert – if you do any original research or surveys write a blog pulling out some key facts

You – a day in your life, share your success, how you set up your workshop, how you organise your accounts

 ZZZZZ – finally try not to bore people and talk directly about your products or services. Focus on how they have helped people or what they can be used for. Blogs should not be used to blatantly self-promote yourself or your business

So that’s it folks, 26 (more or less) topics to keep you going, that’s one a week for six months.

Happy Blogging. Or if you want some help developing content, writing blogs or improving your social media get in touch.


Kim Gilmour

Connecting companies, customers and communities