Two WiRE members share their experience of working together to promote a new website

Posted: 11th May 2015

The business

Shrewsbury-based Babyvision is a revolutionary ultrasound studio which creates stunning life-like 4d scan pictures of your unborn baby.
Using state of the art 4d ultrasound scan technology and highly experienced ultrasound professionals they are able to produce amazing images of your baby and record them for you to cherish.
WiRE member Ruth Finch, the director and owner of Babyvision, has over ten years experience of carrying out ultrasound scans, and set up the business in July 2005.

The challenge

Ruth saw her website as a key way of generating business, and needed her new website to bring in visitors from day one. She therefore brought in fellow WiRE member Helen Mitchell of Ascendancy Internet Marketing to help her achieve this.

Helen advised her that, as her site was newly launched, she stood little chance of gaining good search engine rankings in the ‘main’ search engine results which appear on the left hand side of the screen in Google. She therefore recommended a ‘pay-per-click’ campaign to promote Ruth’s site. ‘Pay-per-click’ advertisements are the

little adverts that you usually see displayed

down the right hand side of the search results.

What happened next

First, Helen did some research to find out what phrases search engine users were using when they looked for websites offering 4D scans. What businesses think your potential customers are searching for is often wide of the mark!
Helen then wrote a number of different adverts which would be displayed when search engine users entered one of the phrases targeted, and made the campaign live.

The importance of follow-up

Setting the campaign up was just the start. Helen offers the following tips to WiRE members looking to run their own pay-per-click campaigns:

“Don’t assume that you need to be at the top of page one for every search related to your business. Track your results carefully and you may find that you get better results lower down the search results, and save yourself a lot of money!”

“Also, be sure to create a number of different adverts and experiment with different keywords – don’t just create one advert and then never look at it again! The key is to find out what works and do more of it.”

The results

Ruth comments, “Before the Babyvision website was built, I read an article in the WiRE magazine about Ascendancy and contacted Helen for advice. Helen has been involved with the website from the build stage ensuring certain elements were search engine friendly.

Helen proceeded to start a pay-per-click campaign for the website to enable mums-to-be to find us. This was very successful, and as Helen‘s research showed, it was not necessary to pay the highest bid to get the highest volume of traffic, which ultimately saved me money.
The website has been great for us, giving clients access to our information and online booking at any time of the day or night.”

• For more information about Babyvision, visit

or call Ruth on 01743 709064.
• For more information on Ascendancy, visit or call Helen on 01952 676809.
• Ruth’s website was built by a third WiRE member – Sharon Talbot of Blue Orange Marketing 01902 845952