Turn your Dream Into a Reality

Posted: 23rd October 2017

Turn your Dream Into a Reality

So you have a big dream. That’s all fine and dandy. But like the dreams you had last night, whilst you were asleep… your dreams will stay as dreams, unless you do something about it. I recommend the following steps, to get you going –

  1. Take action – every single day, that helps you achieve your dreams
  2. Set yourself mini milestones, that you can work towards and give you a sense of achievement. And celebrate these successes, as it will help you to remain positive, even when there are challenges along the way
  3. Be obsessed about achieving your dreams. It’s your dream. No one loves it like you do. No one wants it like you do. And no one cares about it like you do.
  4. Don’t allow so called people who care about you to stop you believing in your dreams. Let them continue with THEIR mediocre life, whilst you passionately work on YOUR life, turning your dreams into reality.

It is not going to be easy. It is going to take work, dedication and commitment. But if this means so much to you, you will be like a world class athlete – living, thinking and breathing your passion…. no matter what setbacks you come across along the way. You can do this. Make the commitment now, to do whatever it takes. Don’t wait for the right time. Now is the time to begin. Good luck, Mia.
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