Top Tips for refreshing your business wording

Posted: 2nd March 2017

Top Tips for refreshing your business wording

Whether it’s your website, newsletter, emails, blogs or leaflets keeping your content up to date and fresh is crucial for any business. But how can you find new content? Simple, small changes keep your customers’ attention and attract the eye so keeping your content up to date doesn’t have to be a massive task.

Research shows customers attention spans are decreasing with less and less time spent looking at information before snap decisions are made as to whether this is a company they want to do business with. Latest stats show online that figure is down to 7 seconds with many clients turned off by seeing static content.

It doesn’t have to be costly to update your content either with many quick and simple ways to make an impact on your business.

Creative Word PR takes a look at some simple things you can do to refresh your content and keep your business standing out.

  • Refresh your website testimonials – testimonials are a great way of showcasing your successes. Ask customers for feedback most will be happy to give you a one line and by mixing up the types of projects and testimonials you ask for you can show a variety of successes. They are great to use not only on your website but also to share on social media and in newsletters, leaflets. Will someone let you do a case study as a blog? Testimonials are a great way to show credibility and build trust.
  • Look for National Days related to your business – You could run promotions, write blog posts or provide content for your newsletter or leaflets
  • Email updates – if you don’t already send an email newsletter to existing customers you should really consider one. Statistics show it is cheaper and easier to find new business from existing customers than it is to find completely new clients. A newsletter doesn’t need to be lengthy either, even an email update is better than nothing. You can also reuse existing content to reformat or produce new copy ideas. There are lots of easy to follow programmes such as Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor that can help with design as well.
  • Put aside time to make a quick plan of blog, newsletter, website content – Take half an hour to think about your business and what your customers would want to know about, as well as what you want to tell them. By having a plan of ideas, it will reduce the time of writing the content as well as giving you a clear idea of whether you can reformat certain ideas for different platforms such as social media, press releases and blogs.
  • Shout about your successes – Have you just reached record sales? Won an award? Taken on new staff? Use your website, social media and newsletters as platforms to shout about those successes. Your content doesn’t need to be lengthy but by putting together a few sentences on your successes and sharing it these regular updates reinforce that you are a successful business and one people should be listening to.

Cheryl Morris is a journalist and the founder of Creative Word PR, which provides engaging and professional copy for a variety of uses from newsletters, websites, case studies, leaflets and blogs.

Her business is dedicated to supporting smaller businesses to achieve their goals and provides a variety of services to help companies find cost effective, flexible solutions to get the best out of their business wording.

So even if you don’t need a copywriter but would like help with planning your content or your ideas then Creative Word PR can help you to get on the right track.

If you have any queries, please get in touch. Cheryl is always happy to help small businesses to get the support they need.

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