Tips to Create a Better Online Profile

Posted: 16th November 2016

Tips to Create a Better Online Profile

I am guessing that if you are reading this, you are probably already engaging with various online platforms, which is great as I am a huge advocate of using them in addition to face to face networking to raise your profile and promote your business.

However, many people sign up for a particular platform such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc and keep it as a static profile with very little engagement, occasionally accepting a few connection requests or sharing other people’s content.

By following just a couple of the following tips, you can enhance your online profiles, which will in turn lead to new connections and improved business relationships.

Profile Photo

I am still astounded by the number of profiles with a greyed out headshot of nothing. Yes that’s fine if you are in a profession that requires a level of security which places you personally at risk, then a logo is quite acceptable. However, there are still a large number of profiles that are not displaying anything.

Are you looking for new clients or contacts?  If you can’t be bothered to display a professional headshot, why would I want to work with you or indeed engage you? Remember, people buy from people.

Many photographers today offer an inexpensive headshot service.  At the very worst a cropped smartphone picture against a plain background will suffice….and smile!

People still judge you on first impressions.  If I received an invitation to connect with you and there was no headshot, I am unlikely to connect with you.

Current Information

I see a number of profiles where the information is not updated, website links no longer work, content was input several years ago and no updates or posts have been made for several months or even years.

Have a think about what platforms you are registered with.   Visit your online profiles regularly and keep them up to date.  Just 15-20 minutes a week is all that is needed to keep them current.  If you also have member profiles, when was the last time you refreshed or updated your information?

By keeping your information current and updated you will demonstrate your attention to detail and professionalism.  If I am looking to work with you or looking to engage you for services, I am going to be put off if you haven’t updated your profile for some time or the information is out of date.

Incomplete Information

If you want to be found or appear more engaging, consider completing each section of your profile.  Many platforms prompt you to do this.  Does your profile information header on Twitter and your Facebook page have information about you? Have you populated each section on your LinkedIn profile.  Is your WIRE member profile completed? I always suggest doing a section at a time rather than attempting the whole lot in one go.  You can always go back and edit it.

By completing each of the sections available to you will enable you to build a relationship more quickly with those viewing your profile.

People buy from people and the more interests and information you have, the more chance you have of sharing a common connection.

Duplicate profiles

If you lose your login or password it is easy to contact the site owner to try and retrieve it, rather than setting up a new profile.  However, if you already have more than one profile, they can delete old or duplicate profiles for you.  Just ask!.

For example, on LinkedIn, if someone searches for you by name, sector or location it looks fairly unprofessional when two profiles for the same individual are shown in search results.

You will be amazed that by simply tweaking your online profiles once a week you will be up to date and it may even keep you present in the minds of others.

Sandra Garlick is a Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Public Speaker and Trainer

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