The Artist’s Way – What’s Your Definition Of Success?

Posted: 3rd May 2018


By: Carolyn Trafford

3 weeks ago a small change in circumstances (see previous post) now means I have a little more time on my hands – or I would have if I wasn’t studying for an art degree.  I have a project to hand in for marking in just over 2 weeks and an essay in 4. Scary moment!

I love it though – I signed up for the course on a bit of a whim, but quickly realised how much it ties in with the ethos of Reflections Coaching and using Creative Freedom techniques to enhance my life and that of my clients. It was so the right thing to do.

We all spend so much of our time writing to do lists and ticking boxes because business gurus tell us that what we need to do to achieve success.  To be fair, I’ve met a few business gurus and they know their stuff – but often start from an assumption of what success is.  The assumption that success is about building a cash rich business.

To truly achieve success we need to understand what success means – for us.  Cash can buy many things, nice cars, fantastic holidays, comfortable living, but if this is achieved at a cost to freedom of lifestyle and time with loved ones – does this fit with YOUR definition of success?

True creative freedom requires you – to take time out – perhaps an hour – in an uninterrupted space.  I find brainstorming and mind-mapping two really good techniques that work for my clients in defining what success means to them.  Success is a personal thing and to truly achieve it can be a juggling act of goals, emotions and compromise.

My personal definition of success is:

Having the freedom to spend quality time with Hubby whilst being financially comfortable.


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What’s yours?

Achieving balance can be difficult.  If you’re struggling to define your measure of success or achieving it then give Carolyn a call on 07714 216388 today.