Ten web things I now know

Posted: 11th May 2015

WiRE member Jane Kelly, of Sycamore Training, launched her own website recently. Here are some of the things she learnt along the way:

1. There’s no need for brochures

You can direct customers to your website, they can read about your service instantly and it’s cheaper and quicker than posting a brochure.

2. Update regularly

Websites need to be kept looking fresh, so that customers don’t see the same old words and format. It also helps you move up the search engine listings.

3. PR Tool

Use the launch of your website to promote your business by writing a press release about your new website.

4. Credibility

Customers assume a business has more credibility if it has a website address. They may pick you instead of a competitor without a website.

5. All change!

Make sure you have the ability to easily change the content of your website. It is important to react quickly to news within your industry. For me, I need to change dates as courses change and new dates become available.

6. Free Information

You can provide free information to existing or potential customers, by attaching PDF files with hints and tips, or checklists.

7. Newsletters

Use newsletters to advertise special promotions or provide information updates to your customers. You’ll need to be careful who you email your newsletter to – try to keep to you own mailing list, always giving people the option to remove themselves from your mailings.

8. Links

You can add a links page to your website, where customers can get to other web pages which may be of use to them.

9. Which Web Designer?

If you see a good website, then ask who designed it.  Recommendations by word of mouth are the best. If you’d like to know who designed my website, please feel free to email me at jane@sycamoreonline.com – I will be happy to pass on the details.

10. Just do it!

You’ll never know what can happen to your business if you don’t try with a website.

You can visit Jane’s website at


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