Ten tips I learnt from the National WiRE Conference 2017

Posted: 15th May 2017

Huge thanks to Claire Meldrum; photographer, speaker and delegate fo this lovely summary.

I loved this top tip suggested by Emma Cox in relation to networking “write down where you met the person, any pointers and follow up info on the reverse of their business card.” Pictured, Emma Cox and Emma Heal networking in action.

Emma Cox and Emma Heal - Claire Meldrum Photography

2.  Don’t be too consumed by brand. Straight talking advice from the bloody hilarious Philippa Davies.

Phillipa Davies - WiRE Network Conference 2017 - Photographed by Claire Meldrum Photography

3.  Videos are where it’s at. Top tip from Naomi Johnson and one I shall be implementing soon.

4. That my love of the Myers Briggs psychological/personality assessment is absolutely ok. If Emma Heal, Managing Director, UK Retail at Graze talks about it then my love of it is justly founded. I’m INFP and proud!

Emma Heal - WiRE Conference 2017 - Image by Claire Meldrum Photography

5. Not the typical tip you were expecting but something that struck a really strong chord with me. Listening to Julie Dodsworth talking about her children during a presentation & sharing gorgeous family images. This proved to me that the pride you have in your children or family doesn’t detract from your profession or your ability to run a great business instead it shows your passion, authenticity & the reason WHY we as females/mothers in business do what we do. I also need to make more phone calls!!

WiRE Conference 2017 - Julia Dodsworth photographed by Claire Meldrum Photography
Image of a red telephone - Claire Meldrum Photography

6. That your tribe will spur you on and encourage you to climb mountains. Fiona Davies, Holly Hinton (Uttoxeter WiRE Leader), Elaine Pritchard (Burton on Trent WiRE), Emma Cox, Aly Harrold & so many other lovely people helped me battle my nerves to speak in front of a packed conference.

7. That my blog post titles need some real work! Katy Carlisle I used one of your tips about using numbers.

8. If your business is growing and you intend on employing people or seeking the help of self employed staff then you need to plan ahead, do your research and make sure that you get the “whole not an arsehole on a seat.” Emma Heal craics me up!

9.  That networking and promoting your business isn’t just confined to one area and that it doesn’t have to include tea or coffee.

WiRE National Conference 2017 - Claire Meldrum Photography

Last but not least ……

10. That an awful lot of hugs get dished out at the WiRE National Conference.

WiRE Conference 2017 - Claire Meldrum Photography

What did you learn at the WiRE National Conference? Let me know, I would love to hear what you have to say.

 Blog post courtesy of Claire Meldrum, “Look at me’ speaker, photographer and all round funny lady.