Tapping into possibilities and potential

Posted: 7th January 2017


By: Jayne Britton

Tapping into possibilities and potential

This January is a 1-1 month.  It’s the first month in the first year of a new nine year cycle (numerologically speaking 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1, therefore a ‘one’ year).  This means, that this is a good time for setting intentions, receiving and interpreting inspiration from source/soul/the universe (however you prefer to refer to that guiding light of yours).  It’s a good month to write down or in some other way creatively express what we would like to have happen in our lives – in this way we start to translate that inspiration into a physical thing or experience, helping it to manifest in this dimension.

So, how has your month been so far?

(At this point, heartily congratulate yourself if it has been filled with inspiration and intention setting, you’re already way ahead!)

Well, let’s not create pressure for ourselves over the (perhaps not fully utilised) potential of the month so far.  We can, obviously, continually setting intentions, but, there are days and times when we are better supported by the universe in receiving and deciphering that inspiration and forming our intentions with clarity.

The 1st of January was one of those days (it was a 1-1-1 day), as was the 10th.  But there will be others…

This month we have two more of those days, the 19th and the 28th are both 1-1-1 days.  So, if you feel as though you haven’t taken full advantage of the sparks of inspiration that may have been available so far this year then don’t despair, prepare, for the next one.  The sparks of inspiration that can fly through on these days, more than others, can help us to create our intentions, they can help us to spot the ideas that really light us up, those ideas that pop in and stir up something deeper within us.  Then we know we’re setting intentions from soul.

Of course, we have the moon cycle too that affects so many of us so deeply, and the moon also alerts us to times when we are well placed to receive inspiration, set intentions, take action and also release what no longer serves us.

Our next new moon is on Saturday 28th January, note that this is also a 1-1-1 day (the last one until October) so do prepare for this one – it’s a day of huge support from the universe to get clear on what you want to manifest.

If you’re already clear and have written notes, drawings, vision boards then use some time on these days to really energise those plans.  Hold them to your heart and imagine that they are reality, how will that make you feel?  Let the universe know that your plans are on your path to increased happiness.  Make an arrangement of crystals, shells, candles, whatever you love, on top of those plans and draw your attention to them and let your energy light up as you remember how the fruition of those plans will make you feel.

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