Take a Break and Boost Your Business

Posted: 8th May 2019

Quite often we are so engrossed working ‘in‘ and ‘on‘ our business that we forget about ourselves.

Whether you work alone or with others, you still need to take time out. I learned the hard way, but now I take a break every eight weeks.

What’s a break? For me, it’s time spent doing something for me, where there is no cooking, washing, cleaning or TV. It’s at least one night (or preferably more) in a hotel or staying with a friend. It’s time when I’m not working to a deadline and, only if I choose to do so, I may login and do a little work but that’s purely through choice, not necessity.

Why do you need a break? Many years ago, when I first set up in business, I believed that the business and my staff couldn’t function without me. I was the first one in the office, the last to leave and worked throughout the weekends and holidays. I naively thought that’s what business owners did to make their business grow. I was wrong. I fell ill, I was burnt out and the business started to suffer. I realised that by taking regular breaks my business started to grow.

Here are my 7 top reasons for taking a break to grow your business:

  1. Even if you work alone, you mind and body needs rest. If you don’t stop, you can burn out, become disillusioned and/or fall ill. Taking time out actually makes you more efficient in business.
  2. Being in a different environment allows your brain time to come up with new innovations. Quite often when I’m away, my brain has that space and a new element of my business is created. Today I came up with a great new idea just looking at the sky.
  3. Spend time with friends and family. My ex often complained that I spent more time with my head in my laptop and he felt neglected. I always ensure that I have time away from work for those who are important to me.
  4. Even a short break can result in you feeling energised and refreshed which means that you are more productive when you return. I always ensure that my first day back is used purely for email responses.
  5. The business won’t fall over while you’re away if you plan carefully. Each time I plan a break, I ensure that I plan my business too. I put my email ‘out of office’ on to manage expectations. I don’t answer my phone. However, I always ensure that the hotel has good wi-fi. If something really urgent crops up, I always have my laptop with me, just in case.
  6. A good friend, colleague or VA (Virtual Assistant) is worth its weight in gold for keeping an eye on your emails, social media, bookings, sales etc. The rest can simply await your return.
  7. Every time I go away, I take a picture of my view. It’s usually the sea, a flower or a tree and always reminds me of the relaxed time I’ve had. As I write this, I’m sat in Tenerife looking at a palm tree.

Happy holidays.