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Referrals – why you should ask for them and how to do that

Posted: 16th October 2017

By Jan Cavelle The easiest way to meet someone new socially is for a friend to tell someone else how great you are and introduce you.  You are likely to…

No more tears for fears

Posted: 11th May 2016

Fear affects us in selling situations – even networking generates fear in many of us! The secret is to build relationships with potential customers by allowing your personality to shine through.…

The key to sales in your business

Posted: 4th April 2016

I am so pleased I joined WiRE a few weeks ago. Already I am seeing the  benefits of reaching out to new contacts to assist me with my needs and…

Psychology of the Buyer

Posted: 11th May 2015

This can be quite an important subject for all of us involved in selling, and that is ALL of us isn’t it? After all, as Geoff Burch says “selling is…