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Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Posted: 31st October 2016

Standing up for the first time in front of other business owners or an audience can be a daunting prospect. However, these tips may help you overcome that fear. Remember…It’s…

‘What if’ and ‘should’ – words that can get in the way

Posted: 20th June 2016

After delivering this morning’s workshop, entitled The Benefits of Meditation, I was partly disappointed that the sun was shining. I wanted to get on with some admin which I knew…

Speak up and stand out! – How public speaking can ellevate you and your business.

Posted: 23rd May 2016

Sometimes it is easier to blend in and be one of many than to stand out. Standing out can make us feel vulnerable. However standing out will give us the…

How to fail at networking… it’s easier than you think!

Posted: 15th February 2016

By WiRE Member Aly Harrold September arrives and we are all out there making an extra effort to get out and network. Two of the networking groups I regularly attend had…

Jettison the jargon

Posted: 11th May 2015

What is jargon? The dictionary definition says it is: 1.  “Specialised language concerned with a particular subject, culture or profession; 2.  language characterised by pretentious syntax, vocabulary or meaning; and…