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Achieving the Mindset to Suceed in Business

Posted: 8th February 2017

By: Karen Fleming

  Succeeding in your own business is a dream for many. Motivations may be different depending on who you ask, but the skills and qualities you need to succeed as…

Setting Your 2017 Goals And Increasing Your Chances Of Success

Posted: 18th January 2017

By: Liz Tucker

  Most of us are creatures of habit, and so view the New Year as the time to reinvent ourselves or set new goals.  Unfortunately, research suggests that almost half…

The Rollercoaster of Business Life

Posted: 7th November 2016

By: Liz Walsh

I can vividly remember my first meeting with a business mentor prior to setting up in business back in 2004. He assured me that things would never be the same…

How Coaching Works to Help You and Your Business…

Posted: 1st November 2016

By: Karen Fleming

Every discipline has its own mysteries, its own conventions, its own language, known only to those who choose to immerse themselves within: doctors, nutritionists, builders, coaches. While language can serve…

Long Hours Work Culture

Posted: 24th October 2016

By: Kay Heald

A Long Hours Work Culture is well established in many small businesses The way we communicate and ‘stay connected’ has been blurring the lines between work, rest and play and adding to…

My 7 Tips for losing weight and how to keep the weight off

Posted: 3rd May 2016

By: Susan Veszpremi

My 7 Tips for Losing Weight Tip 1- Have a GOAL When you decide you want to lose weight you may already have a goal in mind.  It could be an…

The key to sales in your business

Posted: 4th April 2016

By: Anita Williams

I am so pleased I joined WiRE a few weeks ago. Already I am seeing the  benefits of reaching out to new contacts to assist me with my needs and…

8 Essential Steps to Achieve Anything

Posted: 18th November 2015

1. Give your project a name, and bring it to life! In simple terms, a project is defined as “any activity or sequence of activities that have a beginning and…

Give Your Self-confidence A Boost

Posted: 27th October 2015

New WiRE member, Liz Tucker (Shepherd Creative Learning) is a Self-confidence Coach. Self-confidence is an essential part of everyone’s life – whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or stay-at-home parent.…