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7 Essential Skills For Your Business (Or Your Career)

Posted: 11th July 2016

Whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else, self-confidence is essential. There’s no way around it; you need self-confidence to have a successful business or career. Sorry; that’s just the…

The 5 ‘B’s of Creating a Business with Soul

Posted: 13th April 2016

If you work for yourself, or want to, a huge part of creating a business that you love is to make sure that it mirrors how you feel on the…

Vision Board

Posted: 5th April 2016

A vision board, or dream board, is a tool that helps you have a visual focus on what you want from your life.  It can relate to both work goals…

The key to sales in your business

Posted: 4th April 2016

I am so pleased I joined WiRE a few weeks ago. Already I am seeing the  benefits of reaching out to new contacts to assist me with my needs and…

Mentoring – how it can help you

Posted: 7th April 2015

WiRE Member Tracey Nixon from PlumEssence Therapies considers how mentoring could help you and your business Today I have been receiving some fantastic mentoring from Cheryl Turner of Tao Business…