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Managing Summer Holidays for Separated Parents

Posted: 10th August 2016

By: Helen Jackson

We all look forward to spending some quality time with our children in the school holidays but the 6 weeks go so fast for the children  and for separated parents…

Children’s Maintenance -how much should I pay/get?

Posted: 1st August 2016

By: Helen Jackson

The Child Maintenance Service can assess maintenance but a fee is payable and many parents prefer to work it out for themselves and use the Child Support Regulations just or…

What is the difference between Mediation and Collaborative Family Law?

Posted: 25th July 2016

By: Helen Jackson

I have been asked this twice this week in WIRE meetings.  Most people have heard of Mediation and have a general idea of what it’s about. You might even have…

Parenting after Separation & How to choose Divorce or Family Lawyer

Posted: 27th June 2016

By: Helen Jackson

Helen Jackson 1st Solicitors This is a great Survival guide to Parenting. Well worth printing and re-reading Changes to legal aid mean that most people cannot get free or subsidised…

My 7 Tips for losing weight and how to keep the weight off

Posted: 3rd May 2016

My 7 Tips for Losing Weight Tip 1- Have a GOAL When you decide you want to lose weight you may already have a goal in mind.  It could be an…

How Healthy Is Your Home?

Posted: 5th April 2016

By: Tracey Nixon

What has this got to do with a healthy home?  Read on and you’ll find out. I deliver quite a few workshops, some on a freelance basis for other companies,…

Back Pain Awareness. Don’t just jump out of bed in the mornings.

Posted: 5th April 2016

By: Tracey Nixon

Whenever I mention back care awareness, it’s quite funny to watch how almost everyone alters their posture, straightens their backs, alters their seating position, roll back their shoulders as well…

The Reluctant Traveller – A Journey Back to Health

Posted: 27th October 2015

Recovering from pain by Hefina Evans Bowen Therapist Many of us can appreciate a wise bear when we meet one and the wisest of them all, Winnie The Pooh, once…

Five Tips for Small Business Owners to improve their health and productivity

Posted: 11th May 2015

(Because you don’t have the time for ten!) As a small business owner it is an easy mistake to focus all your time and energy on your company and neglect…