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Children’s Maintenance -how much should I pay/get?

Posted: 1st August 2016

By: Helen Jackson

The Child Maintenance Service can assess maintenance but a fee is payable and many parents prefer to work it out for themselves and use the Child Support Regulations just or…

What is the difference between Mediation and Collaborative Family Law?

Posted: 25th July 2016

By: Helen Jackson

I have been asked this twice this week in WIRE meetings.  Most people have heard of Mediation and have a general idea of what it’s about. You might even have…

Protect your Business with a Lasting Power of Attorney

Posted: 28th June 2016

By: Helen Jackson

Protect your Business with a Lasting Power of Attorney Loss of mental capacity doesn’t just affect the very old. It can happen to us all through stroke, accident or illness.…

Tax and Working From Home

Posted: 18th November 2015

When starting out in business, you might decide to operate your business from home. The cost of renting space is prohibitive for a new business and the convenience of being…

5 top tips to getting rid of your financial worries!

Posted: 27th October 2015

By Anna Goodwin “A third of micro-businesses feel overwhelmed by accounting, according to a survey carried out by YouGov for cloud accounting firm Free Agent. Many feel anxious about the…

Keeping it in the family

Posted: 22nd July 2015

Guest post by Natalie Butlin for Accounts and Legal –  helping  small businesses benchmark their performance A family business is a lot of work. Sometimes it can seem your whole…

Simple Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted: 22nd July 2015

Written by guest bloggers at The London School of Business and Finance Accounting can be a tricky business; there’s a reason people hold those in the field in such high…

Why your accountant is interesting

Posted: 11th May 2015

Accountants tend to get their leg pulled about their image. They’re often portrayed as being to business what Steve ‘interesting’Davisis perhaps to snooker. Then there was that legendary Monty Python…

What are you doing after work?

Posted: 11th May 2015

Everyone needs to plan ahead for retirement.  Women, however, often have career patterns which are very different from men’s and so need to give special thought to their pension arrangements. …

Taking the headache out of homeworking

Posted: 11th May 2015

Emily Coltman, Chief Accountant at online accounting provider FreeAgent, explores the tax issues for sole-traders with home based businesses. Working from home is growing more and more popular. After all,…