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How cyber-secure are your staff?

Posted: 16th October 2017

You may have put all your firewalls and spam filters in place and had your cyber security review sorted, and ticked that off your “To do” list, but that is…

Are you up to speed with GDPR?

Posted: 11th September 2017

I’ve been looking at GDPR from an employment perspective for a number of my clients. I hope you will find the following information useful: What is the General Data Protection…

Why did you give a stranger access to your computer?

Posted: 28th June 2016

By: WiRE Team

Shelli Moyes from MPM IT shares her tips to keep you safe online Every now and then the scam phone calls start. They come out of the blue to catch…

Top Ten Essentials for Computer System Security

Posted: 11th May 2015

In one WiRE workshop, computer security was a hot issue. From that discussion I have put together the following tips on computer security. Hopefully these tips will be of benefit…