Tips to becoming a successful rural entrepreneur

Posted: 2nd January 2016

SarahLTop tips for rural entrepreneurs from Sarah Lewis, the owner of Lily’s Secret Vintage Tearoom, an independent vintage tearooms and outside catering company based on the Shropshire / Staffordshire border

1. Always carry a torch and some chocolate in your handbag.
2. Don’t worry about your social life when you first become self employed – you will find you are busier with social gatherings more than ever!
3. It’s OK if you house isn’t always spotless, ride the storm and clean on a rainy day.
4. Invest in technology, an iPhone and iPad can help you conquer the world!
5. Always keep some nibbles and a bottle of sparkling wine in the cupboard for last minute get togethers.
6. Learn to say NO and not beat yourself up about it.
7. In your first year of business try lots of events and give things a go, you will be surprised at where successes come from.
8. Delegate, whether it’s housework, book keeping, social media etc if it’s not your passion find someone who’s passion it is.
9. Learn how everything works, even if your not going to pursue it i.e. new social media platforms. You can find videos for everything on YouTube.
10. Always keep a raffle prize in the boot of the car.
11. Have a stack of your own and a few of your close friends business cards in your purse.
12. Use the freshest eggs you can buy in your Victoria sponge.
13. Know your customer, learn as much as you possible can about them, what car they drive, where do they shop, what paper do they read.
14. Make the most of mentors and gain as much info as you can from them, you may not need it know but there thoughts could be priceless in the future.
15. Celebrate your successes whether it’s a takeaway Chinese with your loved one or allowing some time for yourself, always mark the occasion.

Sarah Lewis
Lily’s secret vintage tearoom

Sarah Lewis is the owner of Lily’s secret vintage tearoom, an independent vintage tearooms and outside catering company based on the Shropshire / Staffordshire border. A graduate of Harper Adams university in 2011 she choose a career in sales and marketing before following her passion for vintage and baking. She is originally from Newport, Shropshire and attends the local wire groups at stafford, stone, Newport, Telford & Shrewsbury regularly.