Speak up and stand out! – How public speaking can ellevate you and your business.

Posted: 23rd May 2016

Sometimes it is easier to blend in and be one of many than to stand out. Standing out can make us feel vulnerable. However standing out will give us the edge when it comes to business and these days with so much competition even a slight edge has to be a good thing. In fact that is all we need, a slight edge.

Taking the path less travelled can be lonely, even isolating at times but so worthwhile when you look back along the track to find…….Hey! There are people following me!

Public speaking can give you an advantage and differentiate you from your competition. Reaching a wider audience with your products or services has to be a wonderful thing.  However getting around all your fears and apprehensions about pushing yourself out there can halt you in your tracks and thwart your potential.

The fear of speaking in front of a group of people has it’s roots in fear of standing out, fear of rejection, fear of being ridiculed, and or ostracized. The fight or flight response kicks in and we do anything to remove ourselves from that uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability.  The key is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Realise that being out of your comfort zone today will be within your comfort zone tomorrow.

A way to start is to break the goal of public speaking down into smaller pieces.  Here are a couple of tips for you:

  • Start with your networking pitch. You usually only need to speak for a couple of minutes at the most, so look at ways to improve that, think about the volume at which you speak, volume equals energy. Slow down, make some eye contact.
  • Request a specific speaking slot. Ask the network organiser if there is an opportunity for a short speaking slot, say ten or fifteen minutes.  Tell the story of how you created your business and why. What problem do you solve for potential clients?
  • Search for FREE resources to help you master the skill of speaking. There are many articles, YouTube videos and TEDx Talks around all aspects of performance and public speaking. Commit to watching one a week or reading articles as often as you can. Immerse yourself in the subject from all directions and sources.
  • Join a speaker’s club or training organisation– there are many clubs available to help you grow your skill for speaking.
  • Enroll for some coaching.  This will fast track your efforts. The investment in you and your business will bring remarkable returns and person fulfillment.
  • Acknowledge your potential and uniqueness. No one is like you! There is only one of you.  Embrace that and commit to standing out and doing whatever it takes to differentiate yourself and your business.

Remember a slight edge is all you need and that slight edge might be the fact that you get out their speaking and sharing your message to a wider audience whilst your competitor sits tight behind their computer.

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