Sorting out finances on divorce

Posted: 11th October 2016

The Family Justice Council has issued guidance for litigants in person.

With Legal aid no longer available to most people, even those on very low incomes, more & people have to sort out their divorce settlement with limited access to legal advice or no legal advice at all. Those who go to court without a solicitor or barrister, litigants in person, can face a bewildering procedure and find that the law bears no resemblance to their sense of fairness. The Family Justice council has produced a guide on Sorting out Finances on Divorce

This 55-page document aims to give an overview of the law and deals with making an agreement without going to court, what the law aims to do, what the law takes into account and what kind of orders can be made While every little helps, it is no substitute for legal advice. Solicitors working in this area of law will typically have had 4 years’ full time academic study, followed by a two-year training contract with continuing professional training each year. As the guide itself says it is only the most basic introduction. Many of our clients, dealing with the aftermath of separation are simply not up to reading this and taking in the parts that are relevant to their situation and need to speak to and hear from a real live expert. For those who are it may be worth reading in preparation for taking advice or afterwards as a reminder of some of the advice they will have been given, possibly in their free advice appointment at 1st Solicitors