Silly Shoes

Posted: 22nd July 2015

Henshalls Insurance bring you their regular blog on insurance matters. This Month, silly shoes!

Cinderella WILL go to the ball…

Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton – ooh who doesn’t love a bit of shoe envy?

There’s nothing better than dressing up to the nines for that special event and slipping on those matching skyscraper heels to finish off the outfit in style.

But walk in them? You’ve got to be joking!

How many of us have actually ever worn a pair of teetering heels and actually felt comfortable or safe from a sprained ankle?

They’re designed to look good of course, so who cares if you can’t totter from A to B without feeling like you’re balancing on a sharpened chopstick?

But there’s a hidden side to all this foot couture – what happens when it comes to driving home?

This week a survey has shown that motorists who choose to drive wearing the wrong kind of footwear are not only putting themselves at risk, but other road users too.

And driving in high heels, or even flip-flops or bare feet, could actually make your insurance null and void if you have an accident.

So how come eight per cent of women questioned in the survey revealed they wore shoes in the driving seat that they actually struggled to walk in?

It’s not illegal to drive wearing inappropriate shoes, but an insurer could decide you were guilty of dangerous driving if you had an accident and so refuse to pay out.

Now no-one wants to go around looking like Miss Marple (!), but you could do far worse than keep a sensible pair of flats in the car just for when you get behind the wheel.

No-one will ever see your granny shoes if you change into them after you’ve left your star-studded event and you could be saving yourself from unnecessary risks on the road.

And let’s face it, there’s no better feeling than slipping out of those stilettos after a hard night on the dance floor and into comfy much-loved well-fitting favourites – just don’t make it your Ugg boots or your slippers as they could be just as dangerous!

Choose a pair narrow enough to avoid accidentally catching two pedals at once, and with a sole that’s not too thick.

So let’s keep it between you and me, but I’m starting a new trend – just don’t ask me to reveal my flatties! That’s something for my eyes only!