Show The World You have Confidence In Your Business

Posted: 25th May 2016

It takes lots of self-confidence or courage to launch your own business and stick with it when the going gets tough. Yes, there will be tough times – no matter how great your business idea is.

Not everyone is cut-out to be an entrepreneur, solopreneur or business owner. It’s really not a role for quitters or the faint hearted. Running your own business takes hard work, tenacity and self-belief. Above all you have to show the world you have confidence in your business. The bonus is this really will develop your self-confidence.

When I first launched my business in 2003 Shepherd Creative Learning, one of the best pieces of advice I received was ask for help. I was told to seek advice from already successful business owners and entrepreneurs. I asked lots of questions (even if some seemed silly) and sought advice from those willing to share their knowledge. This enabled me to learn from other people’s mistakes. I still made mistakes, but not as many.

The one thing no one else can give you though is self-confidence. No one can instil a sense of self-belief in you. This is something that resides deep inside you. You may have to dig deep to find it, but it’s there. Without self-belief your business is unlikely to survive, let alone thrive.

If you don’t believe in what you’re offering why would anyone else? If you don’t believe me stop for a moment and consider this… Who else wants to see your business succeed and grow as much as you do? The answer is no one.

Here are 14 tips from successful entrepreneurs and business owners. If your business isn’t where you would like it to be right now – don’t give up. Instead take inspiration from those who have travelled this road before you…

  1. Even when you have everything to lose, act as though you don’t. This projects an air of confidence (even if it is bluff). This gives your customers confidence in you and your business
  2. Do your research and find out what your customers ‘really’ want from your business. Often this is quite different to what you think they want. Delivering what your customers want is the key to success
  3. Focus on having a solid product offering.  If you truly enjoy, and believe in, what you’re delivering you will exude positivity. Your chances of success are then far greater than if you simply focus on being successful
  4. Never make money your focus. Money will follow naturally when your business is successful
  5. Understand who your competitors are and how they do it. Find out how they make customers aware of their products and services. Also try to identify how they make customers buy their products and services
  6. Don’t be afraid to fail. Every successful entrepreneur has failed at some point. Fear of failure will stop you even trying, which means you’ll never succeed
  7.  Employ the best people right from the start; even if they are more knowledgeable or capable than you. Remember you had the confidence to start a business, they didn’t
  8. Talk to your customers yourself. Don’t hide behind your staff. Customer feedback (positive or negative) is free marketing information. Use this feedback to drive your business forward
  9. Don’t let anyone dash your hopes and dreams. Every entrepreneur and business owner was a newbie once. Being the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you’re any less capable. Have the confidence to believe in what you’re doing and stay focused
  10. Be competitive but act ethically, morally and with integrity. The world always comes full circle so stick to your values and principles. Know that it will pay off in the end
  11. Value everyone who works for you and their contribution to your success. If your team feel valued they will work harder for you
  12.  Worry less about business growth and more about quality and execution. By exceeding your customers’ expectations your business will thrive and grow
  13. Be willing to share your expertise freely with others. This will give you professional credibility in your industry sector
  14. Be passionate and confident about what your business offers. There’s no substitute for genuine passion!

Confucius once said “find something you love to do and you will never have to work for the rest of your life”. How true!

I would like to add “if you’re passionate about your business your self-confidence will grow immeasurably”. Self-confidence impacts every aspect of your life, not just your business so seize every opportunity to increase your self-confidence. Self-confidence will always reward you in some way.

If you need a little help with developing your self-confidence please visit my website  There you will find details of my self-confidence books, home-study programme, self-confidence coaching programme and my regular self-confidence blog posts. I publish a self-confidence blog three times a week, and it’s free!

From one confident business owner to another – lots of luck! I hope your business and self-confidence grow simultaneously. 

Liz Tucker (Self-confidence Coach)

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