Send A Card To A Friend Day & Other Such Promotions

Posted: 9th January 2018

Everyone loves a bargain, particularly in January when money is tight. At Topdogdays we spend our time scouring the web searching for the best deals and discounts that we can pass onto our 1 million online readers. If it makes good business sense for top UK visitor attractions, why not adapt some of these popular promotions to your own line of business.

1. Send A Card To A Friend Day

Get involved with relevant national campaigns that run throughout the year such as Send A Card To A Friend Day that is running on 7 February 2018. Get creative with how your business can get involved with these national campaigns using email newsletters and social media accounts to engage with potential customers. We’ve found that media outlets particular love these stories – the stranger the better – for added exposure!

2. Phone a Friend

We’d all love our customers to spread the word on how fantastic we are & sometimes a simple enticement can work wonders. Why not consider a promotion where both existing and referred client win – perhaps a free gift or a money off voucher. Often we find that ‘feel good feeling’ that comes from bagging a bargain doesn’t actually have to cost you much money at all.

3. Keep ’em Happy

Research has long shown that it costs five times as much to acquire new customers as it does to retain current ones. Surely this is reason enough to reach out to your existing customer base and reward them for their continued loyalty. Be creative with your perks so that your customer feels appreciated but your profit margins remain healthy.

4. Out Of The Blue

We’ve found that sporadic offers can provide significant returns to your business if there is no discernible pattern to these promotions. Whilst these out-of- the-blue deals give you reason enough to reach out to your customers, it shouldn’t deter spending throughout the year.

5. Do Good

I have to say my favourite deal of all is the Foodbank Weekend that runs at Gulliver’s Theme Park each year. This promotion offers discounted entry to the theme park in return for a donation of a non-perishable food item. It is always life-affirming to see how much food turns up on these days in which everyone wins. Whilst we can’t all offer a cheap ride on a rollercoaster to entice custom, there are plenty of ways & means to to bring out that philanthropic need in us all.

Let us know if you can add to our list of promotions so we can pass them on.

Liz Walsh writes for Topdogdays that can help you save time & money on a day out in the UK.