Reflexology for Anxiety and Stress

Posted: 12th November 2018

Annie first recommended reflexology to me, as a way to help with general anxiety and stress caused by a long term serious health condition, which also causes widespread, severe pain.

I am a long term advocate of complementary therapies, but strangely had never tried reflexology.

I have a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, so could understand the principle of the therapy. Stimulating the nerve endings in the feet can relieve symptoms in other areas of the body. I couldn’t however really believe that a “foot rub” could be of any benefit, especially for widespread, persistent pain. A full body massage, yes definitely helps, but this?

My first concern, was collapsing into a fit of giggles, having my feet touched. Annie however, is so understanding in all areas of her life, especially her treatments. I discussed this with her and she explained that she would gently wipe over my feet with surgical spirit before commencing the treatment. This slightly desensitises them for the first few minutes. After this time, I felt very comfortable and relaxed (no issues with tickles)

During the treatment, Annie works methodically, in a specific pattern, all around each foot, alternating from one to the other. She applies varying pressures and movements, pressing, tapping, stroking and circling.


Click image to enlarge

I became aware that I could feel sensations in different parts of my body, depending on where on my foot was being touched. I was amazed at this, not so much that the reflexology was working, but that I could actually feel it!

I felt muscles twitching, tingling sensations and heat. None of these sensations were painful, just fascinating.

I began exclaiming to Annie in suspended disbelief;

“Are you touching the bit connected to my sinuses? My face is fuzzy!”

“My left wrist is twitching!”

“Now you are pressing my liver!”

She confirmed the correct places with a smile and later showed me a diagram of feet with the corresponding areas to anatomy on. Absolutely incredible.

I then decided, maybe I should just shut up and enjoy the rest of the session. Apart from it being extremely relaxing (I actually fell asleep toward the end) Later that night, I had the best sleep I had experienced in ages. My anxiety is vastly reduced and my pain levels are much lower. This has the knock on effect of me no longer having to rely on prescription painkillers. Since seeing Annie on a regular basis, I’m getting my life back by removing all the undesirable side effects of mainstream medication.

I cannot express how nurturing to your soul it is, to have relaxing, beneficial treatments, with someone who actually listens to your issues and concerns and has your best interests at heart.

The long term benefits that have come hand in hand with Annie’s sessions, continued support and advice, are life changing.

Conclusion? Reflexology….Not just a foot rub! Give it a try xxx